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2015 in review

Nov 8, 2015 10:31AM

2015 saw the the JET FX team taking a small breather, updating and refreshing the cars.  

During the off season, we worked on all the cars.  Started off with going through the Avenger and checking her out,  Inspecting the entire car and replacing the basics.  All new bearings, seals, and expenda…

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Saturday Night Nitro

Sep 16, 2013 09:06PM

After the last minute Labor Day fill in at Albuquerque Dragway, it was definitely time for some family time. So Boy Scout family camp up in the cool country of Flagstaff was planned.

Ring ring... Where? Both cars?  Um hey sweetie?  You know camping really isn't in my bag...

Next thing you know, …

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ABQ Labor Day fun!

Sep 16, 2013 03:23PM

After finally getting the cars back home, it was time for a little rest and relaxation! Time to recharge, spend time on some of the honey do's, and much needed family time.

For the first time in I can't remember we were not scheduled to race on Labor Day weekend.  Filled up the tank on the grill, f…

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New England Dragway - Epping

Sep 16, 2013 03:17PM

After the Beacon race, New England Dragway in Epping New Hampshire was on our radar.  Back in Phoenix before we left, we complied all the parts needed to replace the t-box on the Invader. Packaged them up and discussed who should take it?  Curt (who’s bag keeps getting lost) or Steve going into Indy…

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Beacon Dragway Ky

Sep 16, 2013 03:09PM

One of the most looked forward to race of the season was Beacon Dragway in Paducah Kentucky.   Why might you ask? If a new 1/8th mile drag strip in the green grass was not enough, Curt’s mother and step father retired 40 miles away.  This would be the first time they had ever seen their son race!…

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Atmore Alabama

Sep 16, 2013 03:02PM

The next event for the Invader and the Avenger was at Atmore Dragway in Atmore Alabama with our good friend Joe Zaccaro on June 15th. 

Steve picked up the rig and boogied down to Birmingham to meet up with Craig and Curt.  After a waterfall of rain on Friday night, we all headed down south to Atmo…

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Arizona Drag Racing Hall of Fame

Sep 16, 2013 11:59AM

Arizona Drag Racing Hall of FameTucson Dragway Hot Rod Reunion was held on May 18th at Southwestern International Raceway this year. It was a very special event for the JET FX team as the Arizona Drag Racing Hall of Fame was inducting Al Eierdam.

Our patriarch and mentor, Al Eierdam passed away on …

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zMax Adventure

Sep 15, 2013 08:39PM

First race on the east coast tour was at Charlotte Motor Speedway zMax Dragway on 19th and 20th of April.  After the final race at Firebird International Raceway, we loaded up the rig with what we would need for this extended tour because once we left the cars were not coming home until late Augu…

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Firebird International Raceway Finale

Jun 22, 2013 02:32PM
Thirty years of racing in the Phoenix desert Firebird International Raceway put on their final event.  March 30th brought it all to an exciting finale with everything that the fans have loved over the years.Robosaurus, Monster Trucks, Trophy Trucks, and of course the Jets vs Funny Car…

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2013 Season Kick Off IHRA Nitro Jam

Jun 22, 2013 12:53PM
Although the 2013 racing season kicked off at the IHRA Nitro Jam on March 23rd, the real season started way back in October,  NHRA exhibition rules committee came out with a new set of rules for the jet vehicle class.  After a bit of back and forth changes, the rules were set and…

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Looking ahead....

Aug 9, 2012 10:21AM
Where do we begin? Every time I try and start to update this blog, things change. Times it seems harder to put down the goings on, than it does to just live them.

2011 ended on a high note with the promises of big things for the JET FX team. After a busy year, I headed down to Orlando for the Per…

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Back from the brink...

Jan 3, 2011 06:14PM
Well 2011 is here and it is time to work harder on updating the blog.

2010 started with the team with a huge undertaking, not only were we going to run the Invader at tracks all across the western United States, but we were going to completely update two more jet dragsters, test them, train new drive…

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End of the Season......

Oct 23, 2009 12:43PM
Since the last update we have been very busy, I could have updated but I wanted to wait for everything to be ready for announcing.

So first things first, on August 12th the team headed out to do the Beat the Heat Event at Speedworld Dragstrip. Along with the Beat the Heat vehicles, they also had jun…

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Hollywood or Bust

Aug 1, 2009 09:03PM
After we returned home from our 4th of July fun in El Paso with our new buddy Gary Fore, it was a time for some R& R.

So as we were kickin it by the pool in the sweltering Arizona heat, the batphone rings. Would the Invader Team be interested in doing a television show? With a quick look at the therm…

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Jul 21, 2009 08:00AM
April brought the team home for the annual Firebird Summer Spectacular event. It was the Monster Truck /Lakefest event.

Along with two days of fun in the sun, they had the Top Fuel Hydro boats, Unlimited boats, Monster Trucks, and of course the jet cars.

The Invader Jet Dragster was paired up with Al …

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The Gaps…

Sep 9, 2008 12:34PM
When I last left off, we were back from the Texas adventure; I spent a little time at home before having to head out for work.

Off to a conference in Providence Rhode Island for a taste of the cool weather was awesome. The only drawback to the trip was the 18 hour travel with weather delays and misse…

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Texas Tour

Jul 14, 2008 06:01PM

The Texas Tour 2008 was back to back races in Lubbock, Texas and then a week later in Abilene, Texas. We started off on this journey on the 27th of June, headed out to Lubbock. Trying to beat the Arizona heat, we left at 4:30 in the morning. A stop for fuel along the way, and we were rolling along.


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The long and winding road.....

May 26, 2008 06:26PM
We set out for Albuquerque National Dragway on Friday May 23, with the rest of the country and their plans for the holiday weekend. After a later than plan start, we found our selves in the middle of the holiday rush and nature’s freak climate changes in the Arizona desert.

Earlier in the week we h…

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2008 Burners are a glowin....

Apr 28, 2008 03:40PM

The 2008 season for the Invader team started of with the Night of Fire at Abilene Dragway, in Abilene, Texas. It was held on the 12th of April, and we were matched up with Mike Hojnacki and his Interceptor jet police car.

The weather was nice and cool, and made great racing weather for the newly refr…

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Update....A phooey!!!

Jan 27, 2008 02:02PM
Ok, time for another update!

This fall has brought a busy time for the team. In September, we headed out to Sacramento Raceway’s Governor’s Cup race. It was a two day race, but the jets were scheduled only to make runs on Saturday.

We dropped off the car and trailer on Friday afternoon, and just h…

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