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Looking ahead....

Where do we begin? Every time I try and start to update this blog, things change. Times it seems harder to put down the goings on, than it does to just live them.

2011 ended on a high note with the promises of big things for the JET FX team. After a busy year, I headed down to Orlando for the Performance Racing Industry show and the NJRA annual meeting. PRI show was great and attendance was up from 2010, had some great meetings with NJRA, NHRA, different jet teams and possible sponsors.

After wrapping up the show, we headed out for a much needed rest. The family and I had the best vacation ever on a Disney Cruise through the Caribbean. St Thomas, St Marten, and Castaway Cay let us have some great family time with no distractions. (No phone or internet!!)

Getting back to Arizona and we started prepping for 2012, but pretty much as New Years Day hit, so did the troubles. January 9th our father, Al Eierdam lost his battle with diabetes. The driving force of our jet car program crossed the finish line. With that loss, we tried to keep pushing ahead with 2012 plans in his honor. New crew uniforms, new vehicle wraps, new fire suits and new handouts all readied for a big year!

After seeing all the plans come together for his memorial, again we started to drive forward. Again troubles loomed. With the current state of the US Economy, JET FX began to feel its affect as one by one, race tracks could not afford to put on some of the planned shows and dates began to cancel.

The big drawback to living on the west coast is the limited number of tracks and the great distance between them.

At Firebird Raceway, we had Al’s memorial. I was able to give him his final wish, to get back in the car! All three runs, he rode with me in the Invader. I must have driven alright as he didn’t say a word.

With the abbreviated year, we as a team had to look deep within to search for the desire to move on with our program. What emerged was the revelation that Al would want the show to go on, but not the same old program but better.

So with that in mind, we decided to team up with another team with the same desires and outlook towards professionalism and showmanship. (or showwomanship….) Going into areas that the team has not gone to for years, we are extremely proud to announce our teaming up with Larsen Motorsports and their two awesome jet cars the Embry Riddle jet dragster and the Miller Welding jet dragster driven by veteran driver Elaine Larsen and rookie driver Marisha Falk. Four jet dragster trading burner pops and fireballs all over the country. JET FX will bring some of the western heat to the east coast .

See you all at the races…..


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