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Journey's End....

The season finished for us after the Texas/Louisiana Race. We had a couple others lined up but for reasons I won't get into they never happened.

That did not mean we were all just kicking back, just going in different directions. I took some long delayed time to spend with the family, two yes TWO trips to Disneyland in a matter of weeks. We also went up to Las Vegas for my sister's wedding, so then it was back to the grind!

I currently work full time with the Arizona Air National Guard, and we are just slammed with work. We are basically going a thousand miles an hour for the next six months. All I can say is inspections can be a pain.

My youngest brother also has been busy! He had a new home constructed, started a new career, and just today bought a new (to him) Corvette. It was a reward for all his hard work over the last year or so.

During this time, the jet car family has weathered some hard times. A television personallity over in the U.K. was injured driving the Vampire jet dragster. If you have searched the net, you probably heard about it. That car was built in the early 1980's along with the sister car Hellbender. When Sammy & my Dad were driving the rockets over there, he had a good look at the cars. They were impressive then and after this accident even more so. The TV guy could have been killed, but the car was built RIGHT! Even after the crash, the roll cage had to be cut off to remove him. How many other cars could say that after almost 25+ years and 280 MPH?

Then a few weeks later, a young girl was killed driving one in Canada. Tragic. That's all I will say about that.

Then a couple weeks later, down in Austrialia a man from Japan bought and was killed in the jet dragster he just bought.

During this time, myself and a few others started the outline for a jet car safety committee. It was met with some positives and negatives. We currently are finalizing the charter and will be presenting it soon to the appropriate people. We have been in contact with them, and met with great promise.

Chuck Haynes took his two cars, prior to his annual Austrailia trip, and race them for the first time in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia!! AWESOME!!

And finally the last of the bad news... After 38 years of thrilling fans everywhere, some thief STOLE the Green Mamba from infront of Doug Rose's house!

Currently, I am working on a new engine for the Invader or maybe something new....

We are finalizing a few new areas and are looking forward to the 2007 season!

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